Temporary surge in fireworks sales?

This week has brought us a new topic to talk about in the international news: Osama Bin Laden has officially been killed by American Troops. Normally when the national news sparks something in the fireworks industry it isn’t to help the industry; however, the death of Osama has allowed many retail firework outlets to promote an oddity among their shelves. I’m throwing up a picture of one example of a novelty firework involving blowing up a caricature of Osama. Although sales were pretty miniscule for the day, retail operators like Johnny Starr from Starr Fireworks in Fargo, ND made an event out of it “We did an interview with the radio and had everyone come out at a certain time to shoot them all off. After all, there is nothing more patriotic than celebrating something American with fireworks!” We called a few other operators and heard that there was a decent turnout for the day.

No boring topics today, just reporting news of yet another reason to celebrate with fireworks! If you have any pictures of you or others celebrating this occasion send them over to us sales@copelandfireworks.com with the subject NewsFlash Pictures!

Until next time,